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Creating Values with Passion

Enduring Values

Creating and maintaining enduring values requires a high level of responsibility in daily operations.

Responsibility in Action

We actively embrace this responsibility each day. Our actions are characterised by conservative thinking, creativity, high reliability, and precision.

Sustainable Growth

We adopt a long-term perspective, ensuring the preservation and expansion of our enterprises and workforce through ongoing enhancements in quality.
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Profunda Vermögen is an asset management company specializing in the active management of mid-sized investments across selected sectors within Europe. Established in 2000, the company emerged from the consolidation of managing partner Marcus H. Schiermann’s business activities into a holding company. Since then, the company has remained under the sole ownership of the Schiermann family. With an extensive international network in the capital market, the corporate group actively supports its affiliated companies. It provides ongoing support for the long-term quality development and expansion of its portfolio companies. Operationally, the group is led by managing partner Marcus H. Schiermann and a team of managing directors, whose vast years of experience ensure the philosophy of responsible, long-term action.

Profunda Group Investments

Finance and Fund Management
Construction and Property

Profunda Group Commitment

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Social Engagement

Profunda Group supports various social projects and promotes individuals in different areas.

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Sports Sponsorship

In the field of sailing, Profunda Group supports young aspiring sailors and promotes sailing in diverse ways.

Cultural Sponsorship

Profunda Group supports emerging musicians and contributes to fostering musical careers in various ways.