IMMAC Sozialbau

IMMAC Sozialbau GmbH is another subsidiary of IMMAC Holding AG. As part of the IMMAC group, it specialises in the construction planning and implementation of fully in patientcare homes and clinics. At IMMAC Sozialbau, the company oversees the entire process, from development and planning to construction. IMMAC has extensive experience in healthcare properties and the specific requirements of their operators. The aim is to design the properties in an architecturally appealing way and to create a pleasant living atmosphere for residents and staff.

This results in a service and product portfolio that is orientated towards stability, quality of life and cost-effectiveness. Every year, IMMAC invests around 200 million euros in new and existing buildings.
In its role as a general contractor, IMMAC has a significant responsibility towards the environment and endeavours to treat land and soil with care when implementing construction projects. To manage the company in an environmentally friendly manner, it places increased emphasis on ecologically sustainable planning and execution. This includes constructing new buildings with sustainability in mind and implementing measures to conserve energy resources and reduce CO2 emissions to make a significant contribution to climate protection.