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IMMAC Wohnbau

IMMAC Wohnbau GmbH is a company of the IMMAC group, which has been in existence for over 25 years. As part of the IMMAC Group, it specialises in the design, project planning and turnkey construction of residential complexes. In addition to its expertise in the administration and property management of social real estate, IMMAC has many years of experience in the planning and realisation of new buildings.
By offering apartments in part-ownership, IMMAC has expanded the Group's range of products for investors in an area that takes social aspects into account to a high degree and has the advantage of long-term rental demand for investors due to increasing demand.
Eutin Praese Perspektive
As a general contractor, IMMAC assumes responsibility for the environment and aims to treat the land and soil with care when realizing its construction projects. With regard to an environmentally friendly corporate policy, IMMAC is increasingly focusing on ecologically sustainable planning and execution. On the one hand, new buildings are constructed with sustainability in mind. On the other hand, a resource-conserving energy supply and reduced CO2 emissions make an essential contribution to climate protection.

Derived from SDG 13 (measures for climate protection) and the fact that buildings in Germany contribute significantly to general CO2 emissions, IMMAC Wohnbau also considers sustainable construction, properties for several generations and technical innovations to be part of ESG.
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